The Best New Survival Games Of 2021
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2020 was a bit of a bust with the coronavirus health pandemic outbreak. This virus was the reason so many games got pushed back out of 2020 with developers transitioning to working remotely. However, this means that 2021 should be a rather filled year for video game releases. In this list, we’re going to showcase some of the most anticipated survival titles coming out in 2021.

#6 Wild 

It’s anyone’s guess as to if WiLD will release into the market. This game has been talked about and shown off since 2014 and now that we’re approaching the end years of the PlayStation 4, rumors are saying WiLD may be bumped to a PlayStation 5 exclusive. Regardless, this survival action game is still one that gamers can’t wait to get their hands on. Overall, the world procedurally generated while players take the role of a man set in the prehistoric Neolithic period. Within the game, players will have to scavenge for food and items to stay alive, but there is also the added ability to seek out the help of animals within the wild to aid you in your journey. 

Again, this game has been around for several years with no real big updates to the development process. Most will even label the game as a title suck in development hell, but so far there is no indication of it being killed off or cancelled. Perhaps this will be the year we’ll finally get new information and concrete release date.


#5 Dead Matter

Dead Matter has quite a long history. There’s been several delays and crowdfunding campaigns to get this title up and running. Fortunately, it looks like we should at least see this game leave alpha and head into early access within 2021. For those of you who haven’t heard about Dead Matter yet, this is a new open-world survival horror type of game. Players will be dropped into a post-apocalyptic world where zombies flood the world. Meanwhile, players are left with scavenging for items and seeking shelter. It’s a mix of the video games you’re probably already familiar with such as Escape From Tarkov or DayZ.

There’s a lot of working with other players or fighting against hostile players that are seeking resources on your character. The developers behind this game, Quantum Integrity Software is also making a game that puts a lot of focus on customization. There are plans to bring full modding support to the Steam workshop so there’s the potential of other players leading a hand into crafting something unique for Dead Matter when it finally does launch.


#4 Away: the survival series

Away: The Survival Series is a unique survival game that was inspired by nature documentaries. In this game, players take on the role of a sugar glider who is escaping the storms hitting the open world. Natural disasters have begun to threaten the survival of all living life on the planet and being a sugar glider, you will need to carefully maneuver around the world to stay alive.

Overall, the game focuses on making your way to avoid being devoured by the animals who reside at the top of the food chain. However, being a small sugar glider, you can glide, jump, climb and agility. Created by an indie development studio known as Breaking Walls, there are several industry veterans attached to the project that has worked on several big AAA video game franchises such as Assassin’s Creed to Far Cry. 


#3 Undying

Undying is an emotional roller coaster of a survival game. This title puts players into a zombie apocalypse where you take the role of a mother by the name of Anling. Anling is bitten and has become infected, but before turning she has to fight to keep alive long enough to teach her young son Cody, all the skills he’ll need to stay alive in this world. Players will not only have to manage their daily routine of scavenging for items, but ensuring that they have enough resources to craft, feed, and take care of both individuals.  

A good part of this game is teaching Cody various skills and ensuring that he knows what to do for various situations that may come up. After all, there will come a point in which Anling will not have the ability to continue on and must rely on Cody until her time comes to an end. While the game was originally slated for a 2020 launch, it has since been pushed towards a release in 2021. 


#2 Trash Sailors

Trash Sailors is a bit of a unique video game. This hand-drawn world throws players onto a raft of survivors after a massive trash tsunami has claimed the entire world. Now the only means of survival is to float on your raft and gather trash along the way. Trash is your main resource in this game as you’ll use it to craft repairs for your raft along with making weapons to use against deadly trash creatures that lurk beneath the open waters. Players will be able to go through the game together with up to four-player cooperative gameplay for both local and online gameplay. Currently, there is no release date attached to the game, but we’re hoping to see this game release within the 2021 launch window.


#1 State of Decay 3

State of Decay has been a popular survival zombie video game and for the past two installments, it’s been a focus for players to survive various hazards in the world. However, it looks like the development studio, Undead Labs, wants to turn things up a bit from what we can tell from the cinematic trailer released for the game. At the time of writing this description, there is only one trailer for State of Decay 3 and it doesn’t offer much in terms of what we can officially expect. However, it does show a snowy landscape which might indicate that we’ll have to rely on some more survival resources when we explore out in the open such as freezing temperatures. Furthermore, it looks like animals might make a play in State of Decay 3. Again, nothing official has been released at the moment, but the trailer shows a mutated deer munching down on a fresh kill. We very well may have to face off against undead animals as well which will really add something a bit more unique with this installment of the series.